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Welcome to NW Naturopathic Medicine

Before you meet with our practitioners for the first time you will create an account in our Patient Portal and fill out a a comprehensive health questionnaire which will gather key facts about your past medical history and current symptoms.  In your first visit (which is typically one and a half hours long) they will listen closely to your current health concerns and goals, discuss your personal health history and do a review of your basic organ systems.


A general physical exam will be performed and they may make recommendations for blood work for a more thorough evaluation.  All labs are interpreted with a naturopathic lens – the conventional normal range (which is based on middle-aged hospitalized men) is narrowed significantly to an ‘optimal’ zone designed to point out early signs of nutrient deficiencies, immune imbalances, hypoglycemia, liver, kidney and adrenal stress.  In addition to blood work, our practitioners incorporate functional laboratory testing when appropriate – salivary hormone tests, digestive analysis, or urine testing for toxic elements.


You will leave the first visit with a customized treatment plan that incorporates: homeopathic, herbal, and nutritional supplements, therapeutic diet & lifestyle suggestions, mind/body practices to relieve stress and support your body’s innate healing wisdom.  They may also make recommendations for a visit with our Acupuncturist or our Nutritionist when appropriate.


*In preparation for your first visit:


If you have made an appointment by calling NW Naturopathic Medicine, you will be asked for your email address in order to send you an invitation to register for our Patient Portal.  Please register and complete the information requested order to expedite your appointment.  




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