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How LENS Works

During a LENS session, a sensor is placed on different parts of your head for just a few short seconds while a low energy impulse is sent to the brain (less energy than a digital watch or a cell phone!)

This signal alerts the brainwaves to new stimulation, and redirects them to return to a more normal state. Through this simple method, the brain begins to quiet brainwaves associated with low performance and increase those associated with optimal brain function.

LENS is considerably faster to administer, and results are quicker to obtain than traditional neurofeedback systems.

Those with ADD, ADHD and other attention-related problems find it much more conducive to sit quietly for 3 to 4 minutes than for other treatments that take much longer and many more sessions to see results.

As the brain governs your emotional, psychological and physical health, training it into better function has far-reaching benefits. LENS has an excellent track record for symptom resolution over a broad spectrum of emotional and brain-based conditions.

NASA uses neurofeedback to train astronauts. The US military use it to train their Special Forces, and have adopted neurofeedback as a new intervention for PTSD and traumatic brain injury TBI.

LENS is also used in professional sports, and is available privately for health, well-being, and professional development.

Much like physical exercise strengthens and develops specific muscles, the more your brain is exercised, the better it gets. Your brain is powerful. And LENS can help it operate at its highest potential.

See How LENS Can Work For You

1) Get in touch
The first step is to get in touch with us. Most people have questions, and we are happy to provide more information and schedule a consultation visit. This will help us get to know you and give us a clearer idea if LENS Therapy is right for you, we will ask you some questions about your goals, history, and symptoms (if any).

2) Making a Plan
The next step is to identify what is blocking your way, and design your LENS Therapy plan of action.  We apply sensors to your scalp to listen in on brainwave activity. This is a quick and painless procedure, lasting only 3 to 4 minutes and will provide information about key brainwave frequencies.

By studying this, we are able to determine where certain areas of your brain may be suppressed or where it may be hyper vigilant.  This gives us a baseline for future treatments so that we can see when changes are occurring.

This assessment time also gives you the chance to meet your LENS practitioner, see what we do, and find out what you can expect from the training.

3) LENS therapy sessions
A LENS therapist runs the session; you sit comfortably in a chair while a sensor is placed on your different parts of your scalp for short periods of time (less than a minute for each location).  You don’t have to do anything, simply sit and relax for just a few minutes.

Sessions are a half hour long, with only 3 to 5 minutes of actual LENS therapy.  The rest of the time we will just be discussing any changes you may be feeling and any questions or concerns you may have.   Every few sessions, we do a fresh brain map to track, modify and adjust your LENS treatment to ensure best results.

To find out more about LENS Neurofeedback technology and the amazing company that developed it go to:

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