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The Road Back Program

Tree Lined Path

Dr. Schwartz has done extensive training for supporting and balancing brain chemistry in patients with anxiety, depression and insomnia and helping them to safely and effectively get off of medications. She incorporates a number of different modalities including nutritional and dietary intervention, neurotransmitter support, hormone balancing, Alpha-stim technology, and various other techniques to successfully get patients back on track.

Dr. Schwartz uses these programs to help improve brain function, optimize mood and ultimately to get patients drug-free while feeling good naturally. Please call us at 503-639-3777 for more information as this is a very individualized program. More information can be found at the

Dr. Schwartz has the protocols and nutrients for this program available to her patients and has found it to be extremely successful in getting patients off of antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications in her practice.

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