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ADDADHDMigrainesAnxietyDepressionSleep Disorders, Concussion?

LENS Therapy may be able to help you.

How LENS works

Just as you go to a gym to improve the way your body works, LENS therapy does the same for your Brain. This proven technology activates the brain’s capacity for self-healing and regulation. It helps it work more efficiently, effectively and with greater clarity.

LENS Therapy (LENS stands for Low Energy NeuroFeedback System) has been in constant development for over 25 years and is now practiced at some 400 centers throughout the USA and abroad. Over one million clients from infants to the elderly, and even pets, have received treatment.

LENS is.........

 Non invasive
• No drugs
• Suitable for toddlers to veterans
• Each treatment last just 3-4 minutes
• No pain, Long lasting
• Fast results
• Affordable

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