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Healthy Salad

During the Flu or viral season, many of your friends or family might get sick but some seem to carry on even when everyone in their home is sick with the flu. Have you ever wondered, how some people get sick very often and some are more prone to catching a cold or viral infection? It’s all about the body’s immune system. The immune system is the first line of defense of our body against an alien microorganism entering the body. The stronger your immune system, the better your chances of you falling ill. But then again, having a strong immune system doesn’t make you invincible.

With little change in your diet and routine, you can help build up your immune system to help ward off viruses and infection. Sleeping for 8 hours, walking in the sun, eating a balanced diet, are some of the simple behaviors that you can implement right now. Follow them and witness the change in your body’s strength to fight illness.

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