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Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA™)


Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA™)is a unique, highly effective system that employs a muscle-testing technique of medically accepted reflex points to determine the bio-energetic status of your body’s key organs and glands. QRA™ uses your brain’s feedback mechanisms to identify your specific organs and systems that are functioning at less than optimal frequencies.


This simple but profound method allows your body’s wisdom to inform what it needs to heal and allows the practitioner to pinpoint those areas that need to be supported, nourished, detoxified, energized, and rebalanced. By identifying the key imbalances within organs and glands, QRA™ pinpoints the specific nutritional supplements needed to restore, balance, and promote optimal health.


The QRA™ technique addresses the source of clients’ health issues. The presence of infections, parasites, viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, environmental toxins, and nutritional deficiencies, which may go undetected, are often the cause of health issues. It is critical to the health of the body to eliminate parasites and other toxins. By supporting each organ—including the brain—with specific nutrition, we can strengthen the body’s immune system through quality foods, nutrition, and detoxification.


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