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The Cleansing Game

"What Is The Master Cleanse Diet? From it inception in the 1940's by nutritionist Stanley Burroughs it has been gaining popularity as a great way to detox your body. Originally conceived to treat ulcers and other digestion problems it was discovered to offer many other benefits in addition to cleansing and detoxifying the body.

With the explosive growth in population our bodies are bombarded with all forms of toxic waste. Commercial farming, smog, waste seeping into our water and soil combined with the toxin exposure from preservatives, pesticides and household disinfectants compound this problem. Many in today's society are raising the awareness of detoxification.

Obesity is beginning to be a killer around the world. The western diet, when introduced to other cultures, is causing the same effects there as it does in the west. When you add the desire to be healthy and fit along with the need to be detoxified and cleanse, its little wonder that the Master Cleanse is a big hit.

What to Expect:

Most experience weight loss of about 1 to 2 pounds a day. Though the cleanse is followed for 10 days, the 2 days before and 2 days after are used for preparing the body for the cleanse and then transitioning the body to your new healthier lifestyle. Some extra weight may be lost on these pre and post cleansing days.

Due to poor diet and lack of exercise, coupled with toxin overload from our food and environment, our bodies are not running at full capacity. This means that they are unable to cope with all the stress this puts on them. The cleanse removes these from our body and allows us to relieve our organs and glands form the immense stress placed upon them.

A boost in metabolism and loss of weight is experienced along with a reduction of health problems.

Other Benefits:

The cleansing lemonade is made from ingredients that reduce the overall impact of an acidic diet, improves cleansing, helps blood sugar levels, can stimulate circulation and boost the metabolism. While it may sound easy to stop eating and just drink a refreshing glass of lemonade every hour or so there are things you need to know before you start to ensure success of your 10 day cleanse. You need to know these so you don't fail.

  • Clear everything with your doctor before jumping in.

  • The drink does not provide any fiber. To prevent constipation and colon cleanse drink a laxative tea, take senna capsules, or drink a salt water laxative at least one serving per day.

  • Reduce the effect of the acid in the lemonade on your teeth by rinsing with pure water after each glass of lemonade.

  • Make only enough drink to last a few servings and no more than one day's worth.

  • If you choose to drink it hot, especially refreshing in the morning, then add the ingredients to a hot cup of water.

  • Take before, during and after photos to encourage you and show your progress.

  • Start a diary to keep you on track.

  • Find a partner. Having a friend on the diet at the same time may help both of you stick to it.

  • Curb hunger and reduce the shakes from blood sugar lows by drinking a glass or two more of the lemonade.

  • Freshly squeezed organic lemons are the only way to go. Using a prepackaged lemon juice won't benefit you at all and all those preservatives in them will defeat the purpose of the cleanse.

  • Ensure success by getting rid of the bad foods from your home before you start. Stock up on the new healthy foods you will eat. Change your lifestyle first!

  • Try taking some probiotics and digestive enzymes for the first few days or weeks after you complete the cleanse, to restore you intestinal balance.

  • Avoid temptations. Start during your time off of work and have plans for the entire 14 days. Make sure you are too busy to be tempted by food or going out with your friends.

  • Be sure to get plenty of rest while on the cleanse and reduce the amount of exercise. Let you body use as much of its energy as possible to work on cleansing.

  • Your tongue may feel sticky or coated while on the cleanse. Brush it with a plain tooth brush and rinse with some water. This will go away when the cleanse has been successful.

  • If you don't like the cayenne in your lemonade use capsules instead. One capsule with every glass of lemonade. If you can't stand the heat, try a cool max cayenne.

  • Start out the cleanse by drinking freshly juiced vegetables and fruit juices for two days before the cleanse and two days after.

  • Start taking the tea laxative, bentonite clay, fiber laxative, salt water laxative, or senna colon cleanse capsules two days before the cleanse starts.

  • Days 2 and 3 are the hardest for most people. If you make it past these successfully, you last the rest of the cleanse!

Click here for Instructions

A Master Cleanse is not an endeavor to be taken lightly. It's a serious cleanse which will produce serious results. If you want to succeed and get the most from it you will need to plan for each phase pre, during and post cleanse. The tips above can help you get the most from your cleanse and assist in maintaining the benefits.

While not an easy diet to follow it can be worth every moment of renewed health and vitality. The actual detox part lasts a full ten days, and the preparation days include two days before and two days after. By following the Master Cleanse and using the tips above you can greatly improve your chance of successfully completing the cleanse and claiming a renewed sense of vitality, greater energy along with a loss of weight and reduce health issues.

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