"I establish strong relationships with my patients and their family.  Together we develop workable plans to meet their health objectives.  My purpose then becomes to support them in their efforts, adjusting plans as they evolve from immediate needs to continually improving their wellbeing.  In this way, patients start reaching their own higher personal goals."

I grew-up in Caracas, where I earned a Baccalaureat in natural sciences through the French educational system (my parents are expatriates).  I completed my education in the US and embarked on a successful international career. 

Nevertheless, my passion for natural healing and community involvement led me back "home" to join the Community Doula Program in Houston, Texas.  By implementing a natural approach to perinatal health we were able to reverse practically all cases of gestational diabetes and toxemia usually within a couple of weeks.  The results were so impressive that the program was requested by several schools, public agencies and two HMOs, leading to a strategic merger.  During that time I had the privilege and fun of serving on a number of technical advisory committees and healthcare coalitions with a wonderful community of partners.  I then decided to pursue further studies in medicine, graduating from the National University of Natural Medicine.  

I now provide care in two settings.  The first one is a high volume integrative clinic dedicated to low income and uninsured populations.  That clinic has a focus on diabetes and cardiovascular health management, acute infections, musculoskeletal complaints, allergies, women's health and some behavioral health.

At NW Naturopathic Medicine  we provide interdisciplinary care with a focus on behavioral health and biochemical disorders, allergy/intolerance reactions, cardiovascular risk assessment, hormone balancing and gastrointestinal health.  Services include acupuncture, microcurrent, nutrition, massage therapy, and soon LENS neurofeedback and the Buteyko breathing method, along with herbalism and homeopathy.

Call today for an introductory appointment; I am looking forward to supporting you in your journey.