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Image by Lucie Hošová

The Path Forward

Control What You Can

During these months of sheltering in place, we’ve taken a crash course in staying safe from the virus: wearing masks in public, washing our hands, wiping down counters frequently and refraining from touching our faces (not so easy to do.) Keep doing those things. Continue to social distancing when at all possible. Be prepared by carrying hand sanitizer or disinfecting wipes with you.

You will find comfort in knowing you are doing your best to keep yourself and your family healthy.

Let Go of What You Can’t Control

Do your best to ignore the person walking past you without a mask. Instead of spending time thinking about the insensitivity of people, practice gratitude. 

Be present. Be thankful for your mask. Be grateful for your health.


Don't Try and Get Ahead

The worst-case scenario almost never happens. You can avoid the negative thoughts by curtailing your presence on social media and keeping the local and national news watching to a minimum. Turn on comedies or old classics. Even better, read a book. If your are finding it hard to brush off your biggest fear, write it down and take note of everything you can and are doing to prevent it from happening. 

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