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Enjoy the Little Things

How We Can Support Each Other

Let's be grateful for what we do have at this time. No, we can’t meet for dinner or a movie, but we have phones, face time, skype, email, and the good ole' pen & paper to stay connected with the ones we love. We can choose to balance the negative news with stories of strength, kindness, and hope. While it seems as though we have no control, we can still choose to not give in to fear.


A daily dose of laughter will go a long way.  Find those videos that crack you up and share them with your circle. A bit of comedy in the evenings will help lighten the mood and drown out all the negatives from the daily news cycle. Laughter is contagious in a good way!

Break Away

Step away, take a walk, read a book, plant a seed. The internet can be addictive and toxic to witness the world as we have known in freefall 24/7.  It can be overwhelming to our nervous systems. Check in every now and then, but don’t let it take over your day.

Find Inspiration

Seek out those stories that celebrate the spirit of the ordinary people doing extraordinary things. 

Spread the Love

Taking time to call friends and family to show support can help everyone process what is happening. You can stay connected knowing that you are doing your part minimizing risk and not exposing yourself and others to the virus. Thank goodness for Skype and Face Time, but most would find a simple phone call just as special. Find ways to reach out elderly family and neighbors, immune-suppressed friends, and those who live alone because they are most vulnerable to loneliness. If you can safely run an errand, or help with a chore, do so, it will be good for your soul.

Stuck Inside

If you are one of the lucky ones who can work from home, the challenge is how to make sure you balance your time. Especially if you have a family and those kiddos are home and bouncing off the walls. Get up early before everyone else is up and about. This way you can organize and plan your day without distractions. Be grateful to still have purpose, focus, and income.

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