Toxic Metals Screening



Heavy metals such as mercury, lead, arsenic, and cadmium can accumulate in the body causing a variety of health concerns. Unfortunately, blood testing for heavy metals is helpful only for acute exposures. More commonly, the majority of patients inquiring about heavy metal testing have had a slow exposure to the heavy metal over years; such as people with dental amalgams containing mercury; or people working in a vocation with a higher exposure level (such as industry, farming, autobody, etc...).


For patients that suspect elevated heavy metals that have accumulated over time, a "provoked chelated" urine test is used. The patient must first take a provoking agent that attaches to the heavy metal allowing the body to excrete it in the urine. The urine is collected for six hours after taking the chelating agent and a sample is sent to the laboratory for testing. NWNM is pleased to partner with Doctor's Data Laboratory (Sample Report), an industry leader in the field of heavy metal testing.


This test is often used in conjunction with IV Chelation treatment.


Approximate cost: $110*


Test Instructions


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