What are the Out of Pocket Costs for Care?

With Insurance

We bill the same price no matter what insurance coverage you have. Visits are billed based on complexity of care, time spent with the doctor, and procedures done in the visit. Insurance often covers your Office or Telemedicine visit and basic Lab work, however there are many services that they do not and we try to give you the best information we can regarding costs that will be out of pocket such as for LENS Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Specialty Labs and Evaluations, Injection therapy, IV Therapy, or Supplements. When you have a question about a cost, we will provide you with the necessary codes to contact your insurance company to determine coverage. While we do offer complementary insurance billing, we do not do insurance verification for our patients. We do this primarily because insurance companies are much more likely to take accountability for mistakes in reporting if the patient calls as compared to when a clinic calls. Keep track of what the insurance representative tells you with our Insurance Verification Worksheet. It is IMPORTANT for you to understand your health insurance. If you would like to understand more about how health insurance works, see HERE. For some common insurance issues we have encounters, see HERE.

Without Insurance

For those who pay at time of service for visits, we keep services affordable and offer discounts to our patients on all generally insurance-covered services. This can be for those with no current health insurance, for those with Medicare who do not have Naturopathic, Acupuncture or Nutriton coverage, or for those with private health insurance plans that do not have an In-network covered provider. Below are basic out-of-pocket costs*: Naturopathic First Visit: $275.00 to $400 Follow Up Visit: $135.00 to $200 Medication Review (outside of scheduled visit): $75 Patient Portal Communication: $50 to $100 Acupuncture First Visit: $135 to $195 Follow Up Visit: $75 to $95 Craniosacral Therapy First Visit: $200 Follow Up Visit: $130 LENS Therapy First Visit (New Patient): $350 Follow Up Visit: $100 Package of 5 $450 Package of 10 $800 Dietary Analysis First Visit: $150 Follow Up Visit: $95 *see our Fees for Services page for more detailed information