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Autonomic Response Testing (ART)


Dr. Schwartz uses Autonomic Response Testing (ART) to help determine the cause your health disruptions.  The technique, based on the work of Dr Dietrich Klinghardt and Dr Alan Beardall, allows the doctor to detect subtle changes in the patient’s physical response to specific tests.  By listening to the patient’s history, testing the patient’s physical response to different elements (vitamins, minerals, hormones, etc.) and determining remedies for treatment our patients receive highly individualized medicine; the remedy is the right medicine at the right time for that particular patient.


The question here is always, ‘How does it work?’ and that is much more difficult to explain.  When you listen to a radio or take a photograph with a camera, information about some distant object is being projected across space and delivering information that is being detected and interrupted by the device into a desired format – the audio or the picture produced.  This occurs using electromagnetic frequencies (EMF).  We take this for granted because we have receptors for them, our ears and eyes, that we have been using our entire lives.


The human body produces EMF, sending information out which in most of our lives we simply do not detect.  We don’t detect it because we have not been using it throughout our lives.  One example of where you may have unknowingly used this response is when you have a feeling that somebody is behind you.  You turn around and sure enough somebody is there.  This was your EMF reacting to their EMF – a detectable disruption.


Detectable disruptions are used during ART to determine what needs treated.  Your autonomic nervous system (ANS) is responsible for the smooth flow of everything involuntary in your body.  When you are exposed to a substance or EMF that your ANS feels is a negative strike to your health, the overall strength in your body goes down slightly.  The doctor, by using a weak muscle in your body, can feel this shift.  Likewise, a positive shift can strengthen a weak muscle. The key to successful ART guided treatment is understanding the body systems thereby knowing what might be wrong and therefore knowing what tests to perform.


All this means, a Naturopathic Doctor using ART can quite quickly identify and treat (or prevent) conditions in his/her patients much better than someone using ART or a doctor using clinical experience alone to guide treatment.

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